NZMAHOF Inductee Criteria

 The NZMAHOF events are open to all New Zealand martial arts styles.

Preliminary nominations can be made via our online form.

To be eligible, Nominees must have practised served and contributed to martial arts for a period of not less than 25 years.

The selection panel will look at the background of nominees; looking for special qualities which will include technical ability in their chosen art, contribution as an instructor, and dedication to betterment of themselves and others in martial arts. The selection panel deliberate over every nomination received and make a final decision. This panel is made up of current/past/previous HOF inductees.

The selection panel will also look for a person of exemplary character who, through his/her actions, is able to demonstrate that Budo can create and develop people of high calibre who can contribute positively to New Zealand Society.

 Funding is received from events, from members, by donation and via individual support of award holders and recipients.

For other rules, entry criteria and operational queries please Contact Us